Industrial Sulfur

Produced from the highest quality Iranian petroleum-based refined sulfur


Sulfur has a very wide range of applications in industries, to the extent that in the past, the amount of sulfur consumption was often measured as an indicator for industrial activities in the country. One of the major uses of sulfur is in the production of sulfuric acid, which is used in the preparation of organic, mineral and mainly agricultural fertilizers.

In addition, sulfur is used to produce explosives, rayon, mordants, color softeners, rubber, matches, phosphate fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate fertilizer, asphalt and sulfur concrete, as well as in the production of antibiotics, penicillins, and many other drugs.

Other uses of sulfur in industry include:

  • Production of SO2 and SO3
  • Production of carbon disulfide
  • Production of P2S5
  • Production of sulfur cement
  • Production of sulfur asphalt
  • Production of urea with sulfur coating
  • Copper separation
  • Uranium refining
  • Preparation of paints
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Leather industry
  • Preparation of organic chemicals
  • Sugar and confectionery industries
  • Animal feed
  • Matchmaking
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry